Ask yourself the following questions before deciding upon a cell phone or plan, to see which one is right for you:

  • Will the phone provide service where I need to use it? (Check the coverage area to be sure.)
  • How much do extra minutes cost when I go over the set amount provided in the plan? How much does it cost per minute when roaming?
  • What features does the standard plan provide? What sorts of features can I add to my plan and how much will they cost me?
  • Can I easily change my rate plan or provider should I need to?
  • When will I be using my phone the most? (During peak periods, standard business hours, nights and weekends, etc.?) Ask yourself how many minutes will be used and when they will typically be used when deciding upon a plan.
  • What types of guarantees does the provider have for its cell phones?
  • What types of features am I looking for in my phone, and which phone will best suit my needs? What styles, capabilities, etc. are most important to me? (Am I going to want unlimited texting, picture messaging, Internet access, international calls, smart phone applications/marketplace, music downloading, games, etc.?)
  • What is the cell phone’s battery life like, and will it suit my needs/expectations?
  • Is the plan going to be for just me, for a family or for a business group? Is it going to be for business, personal use or both?
  • Do I need local, regional or national coverage?
  • How long is the service agreement plan with my phone/contract?
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